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Hey there, my lovely!

As a self-transformation coach, my mission is to empower you to come home to yourself so you have the emotional safety, increased self-awareness, and improved self-perception and confidence to live a life of excellence.

The work of self-transformation entails helping you identify the root of your issues, dismantle limiting beliefs, and establish a healthier relationship with yourself and others, and there are three ways I can support you.

#1: GROwthHub™


The GrowthHub is the self-paced solution where you have full autonomy in how and when you engage in inner work in a way that fits your lifestyle. 

In the GrowthHub, you have a suite of awesomeness where you can dip your toes into the world of positive change through eye-opening masterclasses that look at the root of certain issues you have in your life, calming meditations to help you achieve beautiful emotional states, or digital items for a reminder and boost when you need it.

This solution is great for you if:

You're self-driven and organised

You prefer flexibility and autonomy

You want to do the work solo and don’t need additional support

#2: Reclaim & Rise


Reclaim & Rise is a life-changing 12-week journey of self-recovery to see yourself, reclaim your God-given awesomeness, and rise as yourself.

Through the 3-stage voyage, you and 9 other committed women reconnect with yourself, increase in your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, and dismantle the limiting beliefs in the way of you being the next best version of yourself.

This solution is great for you if:

You struggle to articulate who your authentic self is

You want to know you’re not alone in the journey

You’re willing to commit 3 months to your transformation

#3: Evolve & Emerge Coaching


Evolve & Emerge Coaching is the elite way of working with me to become your own best friend, nurture your inner light, and find a home of peace and safety within so you no longer need to run away from yourself.

In the 3 months of us working together, you get to the root of your disconnection with yourself, resolve feelings of unworthiness and not feeling enough (which you might not even realise you have, but you do!), and rewire the subconscious beliefs currently manifesting in your life.

This solution is great for you if:

You want something deeper than talking therapy

You’re willing to do things differently for yourself

You’re ready to go all-in with your transformation

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