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Salaam & Hello, I’m LaYinka!

Qualified Self-Transformation Coach

Over the last 6+ years, I’ve helped 1000+ women transform their lives from the inside out. 

As a qualified Self-Transformation Coach trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Rapid Transformational Therapy, and hypnotherapy, I support you on your transformational journey to  deeply connect with the ah-may-zing woman you really are, unearth the God-given greatness that already lies within you, and rise as the next best version of yourself. 

And the best part? It’s super simple to get started — yasssss!

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I’m rooting for you. 


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“I don’t feel great about myself and my life.”

You’re at a place where you don’t like who and how you’re showing up in your life, and you feel you’ve lost a sense of who you are. You want something deeper than talking therapy to really see yourself, connect with yourself, and live gracefully as your authentic self.

For you, I highly recommend Reclaim & Rise.

“I’ve got issues with people in my life.”

Your relationships aren’t currently how you’d like  them to be, and you know that there are areas to work on within yourself to have the relationship dynamics you desire. You’re not ready for something super deep, but you do want to have forward movement towards change.

For you, I highly recommend Homecoming Collective.

“I’d like to work on myself, but not sure what specifically.”

You feel discomfort in your life, and know that something has to change. You’re not entirely sure what the issues are, so you’d like to dip your toes into improving yourself without making any huge commitments, and you’d like to pace yourself in line with your lifestyle.

For you, I highly recommend the GrowthHub™.


TrustScore 4.8 out of 5


It’s just changed my life. It’s changed my relationships, and it changes your relationships because it changes you.

Yasmina, September 2020

I am proud to say, I now feel like a woman of potential rather than a woman who struggles to see herself as whole!

The course has taught me self-compassion, a greater insight into my emotions and how to practically deal with my emotions in my day to day life. Finally, I see this programme as an answer from Allah of my dua and as a support from Allah saying I see you and I hear you! » Read More

Ruba Begum, November 2020

Being part of this experience is a decision I am truly blessed to have made.

The programme has allowed me to get to know myself beyond what I have been through and the ways in which it has affected me. I went from being very insecure and stuck in the past, to having hope in the future and confidence in myself. I thank LaYinka for her kindness and for accompanying me through this process. You won’t regret trusting her! » Read More

Assitan Diarra, November 2020

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