SalaaM & Hello,
I’m LaYinkA !

Transformation Coach

I specialise in empowering women to see themselves, be their own best friend, and find a home of peace and safety within, wherever they find themselves.

My work of self-transformation entails helping you identify the root of your issues, uproot and dismantle internal obstacles, and establish a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

Having been in the client seat first, I know and feel the journey of my clients intimately. With my own history of abandoning myself through people pleasing, swallowing my truth, and shrinking myself to be accepted by others, I know the pain of being disconnected from myself and not feeling at home within myself. I recognise that pain in other women who self-abandon, struggle with procrastination and consistency, and wear a mask to display an outer self that doesn’t match the crumbling state of their inner world.

This is why my mission is for you to come home to yourself so you have the emotional safety, increased self-awareness, and improved self-perception and confidence to live a life of excellence.

LaYinka Sanni

My Story

It was one day in 2014, when I was shocked by the woman I saw in my reflection. After a meltdown with my children, I stood in the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. Drained, empty, overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost, I hated the woman I saw. I couldn’t recognise her, and yet I knew, saw, and deeply felt how I was bringing misery, tension, and anger in my home and projecting that onto my family.

It was ugly. And it was tiring.

Staring hard at myself in the mirror, I cried because I didn’t know how I’d allowed myself to get there. I looked at myself and asked a single question that set my heart in motion:

“LaYinka, if you died today, what would your children have to say about you?”

From the answers that came forth — passive aggressive, always shouting, harsh, negative, and complaining — I knew that I couldn’t go out with that legacy. I couldn’t carry on on that trajectory. I couldn’t carry on just pretending everything was okay — faking it and not

making it. I knew something had to change before I lost the people who were important to me and before I lost everything I loved.

So I embarked on the journey to know myself, understand myself, forgive myself, embrace myself, love myself, and become the next best version of myself. I focused on myself, regardless of the messiness going on in my home, because a verse in the Qur’an says:

“Indeed, God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”

– Quran: Chapter 13, Verse 11

I evolved and emerged a different woman — softer, kinder, and more open. I grew closer to the woman I believe God created me to be, and I love on every part of me.

Am I a finished product? Not at all. I’m always growing and learning from the tests, the highs, and all the opportunities God sends my way. I’m committed to continue in my journey to be the next best version of myself, and I’m committed to supporting you in yours.

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