The No.1 Reason You’re not Consistent

One common mistake people make when it comes to defining consistency is equating it with frequency. Whether you want to be consistent in going to the gym, or journaling, or reading the Qur’an (for my Muslim folk), it doesn’t mean you have to do it every single day. 

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How Asking the Right Questions can Change your Day

One thing you might not be entirely aware of is how powerful your questions are, especially the ones you ask yourself at the start of the day. Every question you ask yourself in your head directs your focus; and your focus leads to how you feel; and how you feel leads to the actions that you take or don’t take.

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The Issue of Numbing with Gratitude

When we numb with gratitude, we deprive ourselves of the space and opportunity to acknowledge what we’re truly feeling. We make what Allah has made permissible for us, impermissible, and we go about our business only ever allowing ourselves to supposedly ‘feel’ gratitude and nothing else. Emotions come up, and we push them down with gratitude — again and again and again. These repressed feelings and emotions will inevitably rise to the surface and we erupt.

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2 Reasons Why You Choose to Stay Busy

Do you find it a challenge to rest, even when you know you should or know you need to? Do you keep yourself going despite being worn out? Have you ever wondered why you engage in this behaviour? If you answered yes, get cosy as we explore why you choose to keep busy and don’t allow yourself to rest.

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The Reason You Struggle to Let Emotions Go

Last night, I went live on Instagram, and I shared some gems from the healing surgery of my last cohort of 2021 for The Healing Embrace — a 6-week intimate passage of healing for women who have been impacted by their emotional wounds for far too long. One thing that's...

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