level Up (BOOk) Club

Level up in your path to being the next best version of yourself

Level Up Club is more than just a book club where we read books, it’s where we get to level up in our path to being the next best version of ourselves.

Through 4 handpicked books a year (one every 3 months), we dive in, extract gems, and put the books into action. Through reflection questions and monthly book club meets, and a dedicated discussion platform, we deepen our healing, growth, and transformation — one book at a time.

2022 Book List:

📙 The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown
📙 Listen by Kathryn Maddix
📙 The Five Archetypes by Carey Davidson
📙 Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff

2023 BOOk List:

Atomic Habits

James Clear


Amir Levine and Rachel Heller

Why We Play

by Joanna Fortune

Book #4

To be announced.

NOTE: You’re responsible for obtaining your own copy of the books we read, and you’re welcome to purchase a physical copy, a digital ebook copy, or an audiobook copy (if available). We do not endorse nor encourage downloading a PDF version of books we pick nor infringing an author’s copyright.

Got any lingeRIng questions?


I’ve got you, my lovely.

I don't have a great reading habit. Will I benefit, too?

You sure can.

It’s okay if you don’t call yourself a reader or don’t have a regular reading habit, there’s something about having 3 months to read a book that makes it so much easier and less anxiety-inducing. 

Many of our ladies who lead busy lives have discovered a love for audiobooks as an easy way to engage with a book while also handling life, and we provide a recommended reading timeline for our current book that you can follow, if you choose to.

We’ve got you. 💛

How often are the meetings?

We have two online meetings a month, one UK afternoon and one UK evening to cover the different time zones we have in our global community.

Are meetings recorded?
No, ma’am. They’re live and unrecorded, hence why we have two a month you can aim to attend.
Is there space to discuss the books outside of the meetings?
There sure is! We have a dedicated discussion and community space (away from FB! 🙌🏾) where we share all the things about all the books — the great bits, the confusing bits, and our actionable journey with them. You can ask questions, share gems, set personal intentions based on what you’ve read — we welcome it all.
What's the pace of reading?
We read one book every 3 months. If you’re a fast reader or have already read our current book and don’t feel like rereading it, you have the liberty to also read from our previous reads, go through the reflection questions we’ve shared in the past, and bring questions/insights/OMGs/reflections to our community space and our meetings. Members tend to dip back into previous reads and we love the insights and growth they share.
What if I struggle to get through a book or keep up with the reading pace? Would I be allowed to attend the meetings?
Yes, ma’am. We don’t exclude anyone who hasn’t read a book or isn’t reading our current book. Come as you are.

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