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If you were to be honest
about who and how you are in your
life right now,

what would you see?

For many, being in denial is more comfortable than being real because facing the truth means something needs to change. It means you can no longer be complacent. It means having to move. And while moving can seem hella scary, living a lie is far from what you truly want. You and I know that being real is exactly what you need.

“It’s always better to face the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, than to continue coddling a lie.”

Lou Holtz

In the spirit of keeping it real and supporting you to do so, I’ve compiled a short book of 25 #LaYinkaTruths to break you free from the clasps of denial and move towards inspired action and make positive change in your life.

25 #LaYinkaTruths to Make Positive Change in Your Life

With supporting reflection questions and space to work through the answers and journal, this is a book to do rather than to just read. And the accompanying audio companion, gives you my voice to provide greater insight, carry the truths further, and help you to make the changes you deeply desire.

(Here’s a sneak peak of the book!)

And in the words of Nancy Cavanaugh:

“Facing the truth we’re afraid of is what makes us who we’re really supposed to be.”

Nancy Cavanaugh

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LaYinka Sanni

Salaam and hello, I’m LaYinka and part of my work is being a truth excavator. ? As a certified Self-Transformation Expert who’s been supporting women to transform their lives from the inside out for over 5 years, a huge part of the process to come home to yourself is facing home truths, and unearthing and reconnecting with the truth of who you really are from the depths of where you’ve been buried. Through this book, I hope you come to some insightful conclusions and use them as fuel towards positive change for yourself and those who matter to you most.

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