You’re a rock for so many and often find yourself in last place. I’m here to support you to come home to yourself so you have the emotional safety, self-awareness, and confidence to live a life of excellence.

I fully believe you can.

LaYinka Sanni

SalaaM, lovely!

I’m LaYinka — your partner in progress dedicated to empowering you to live a life of excellence where you’re your own best friend and have a home of peace and safety within.

Over the last 6+ years, I’ve helped 1000+ women transform their lives from the inside out.

Trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Rapid Transformational Therapy, and hypnotherapy, I support you on your transformational journey to deeply connect with the ah-may-zing woman you are, unearth the God-given greatness that already lies within you, and rise as the next best version of yourself.

Let me help you, my lovely.


What’s your situation right now?

“I’d like to work on myself, but not sure what specifically.”

“I want to improve, and prefer to work at my own pace.”

You’d like to make change, and you’d like to dip your toes into improving yourself without making any huge time commitments.

For you, I recommend the GrowthHub™.

“I’d like to work on myself, but not sure what specifically.”

“I want to find and reconnect with myself.”

You’ve been through experiences that have eroded you and left you feeling lost, and you’re tired of doing things alone. 

For you, I recommend Level Up Collective.

Woman writing in her journal

“I’d like to explore books to support my journey.”

You feel overwhelmed by the number of self-help books and don’t always put things into action. You’d benefit from not working through books solo.

For you, I recommend the Level Up Club. 

The TrAnsforMation PROcess

The journey of self-transformation is deep and transformative. It invites you to see yourself as you are and tread the path to the newest station of who you can be, and it includes 4 important components.

1. Identify the Problem + Desire

Become aware of the pain in your life and what you want instead.

2. Become Aware of the Patterns

All problems come from dysfunctional patterns — of behaviour, of thought, of beliefs.

3. Deconstruct + Release Obstacles

Unpack your patterns, and dismantle the emotional obstacles keeping you stuck.

4. Embrace New Truths + Patterns

Emerge with new truths, embrace new patterns, and rise as a renewed version of yourself.


R. AdaM

“A gift that just keeps giving!”

I felt like I went on a journey that started deep within, looking at core issues and how that ultimately translates in our outside world. It was a journey that touched all of me and I felt so comfortable to lean into my vulnerability in the space like never before.

LEt’s ExplOrE How You Can Get Started

Change is easier than you think, and many of the ladies I’ve worked with can attest to that.

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