We can go further than ‘talking it out’

You already know you’re not living as the woman you deeply desire to be, and you know you don’t want to carry on as you are. It’s been like this for way too long and it’s impacting so many areas of your life. I see you, my lovely.

You find the idea of ‘talking it out’ exhausting because you’ve played your issues in your mind over and over and over again. You want something more. And you want deep change..

Evolve & Emerge Coaching goes beyond talking it out and helps you discover the deeply ingrained emotional blocks and unconscious beliefs at the root of specific, persistent challenges in your life that are keeping you stuck. Working together one-to-one, we unearth, dismantle + release, and rewire.

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The Result

Confidence and freedom like she’d never experienced before — from a single session. 

a ClIent’s Journey


1. Unearth

We first got clear on what she wants for herself, the emotions she’d love to experience, and who she’d like to be instead. We discovered that the fear was rooted in an event that happened at the age of 3, and had nothing to do with heights or falling.

2. Dismantle & Release

Understanding that the root event was rooted in a belief of not trusting herself and not feeling good enough, we helped the 3-year old version release the emotions and limiting beliefs she’d held onto until adulthood.

3. Rewire

With clarity, understanding, lightness, and compassion, we planted seeds of the empowering feelings and beliefs around self-trust, faith, freedom, and confidence, and nurtured those seeds to germinate and root deeply in the subconscious mind.

From Evolve & Emerge Coaching, You Gain:


You move closer to becoming your own best friend as you see yourself through the lens of love


You settle into the belief of your enoughness and what you’re capable of


You shift from a paradigm of what’s missing and see and experience more of what is


You embrace your humanness and gracefully rise from inevitable falls

Trust + Faith

You increase in your closeness to you Creator knowing Who you belong to and Who always has your back


You move through your days feeling less burdened and less heavy

Evolve & Emerge Coaching Includes:

A deeply transformational 50-min virtual 1:1 session

A session summary email with next steps

Voice note + text support via WhatsApp or Telegram for 14 days after the session, so you're 100% supported

Have Some Questions on Your Mind?


I’ve got you, my lovely.

How exactly does 1:1 coaching with you work?

Great question! Evolve & Emerge coaching utilises a mixture of my deep coaching style and Rapid Transformational Therapy tools (also known as RTT) to help you unearth the root of specific challenges you’re facing within yourself, rewire the underlying beliefs, and gain relief from trapped associated emotions buried in your subconscious mind.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?
Rapid Transformational Therapy is a beautiful blend of neurological and behavioural psychology modalities. Using the power of deep breathing and specific relaxation technique, you go from your normal awake brainwave state (Beta) into deeply relaxed awake state (Alpha and Theta), where your conscious mind chatter is tuned down, which allows you to get to the core and root of your issues stored in your brilliant subconscious mind. You are awake and in full control of yourself in this state.

Being in this relaxed state is incredibly relaxing and feels like you’ve journeyed to the depths of yourself so you come back to your Beta brainwave state with lightness, insight, understanding, and greater compassion for yourself.

Is Rapid Transformational Therapy halal?
After consulting a person of knowledge versed in modalities of personal change, I’m confident and comfortable utilising Rapid Transformational Therapy tools in line with Islam and dictates of the faith.

The deeply relaxed state of hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation and trance we all enter into, mostly unconsciously. When you’re watching TV or movies, you enter into a light trance; when you’re driving, you often enter into a light trance; when you’re praying, you sometimes enter into a light trance.

I’m well aware of verdicts floating around stating that hypnosis is haram (forbidden in Islam), and while I respect scholars for their knowledge and insight, it is absolutely untrue that magic or jinn are used in this modality of change.

As a practising Muslim woman, the idea of dabbling with unseen creation and associating partners with Allah is abhorrent to me, and one I seek refuge in Allah from.

Can I get 'stuck' when deeply relaxed?
No, ma’am. In the deep state of relaxation, you have complete control the whole time. You can talk throughout our session, move your body, open your eyes, and even get up to use the bathroom, if you like. It’s a misconception that you have no control over yourself.
I’m not based in the UK. Can I work with you?
Yep! I work with clients all over the world. As long as you have a stable internet connection for our sessions, and you’re in the position to invest in yourself, there’s a possibility of us working together.
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And your most important question:


How Much Does it cost?

I always say there’s no ‘cost’ except to remain as you are, but if you’d like to have the transformation and change you deeply desire and deserve, there’s an investment of time, heart, energy, and finances.

The financial investment for your emotional elevation and growth is only £250 for a limited time only.

Ready to say yes to yourself?

Here are the 3 steps:

1. Make istikhara — the prayer of guidance — and get clear on why you’d like to do this now.

2. Book your desired slot and make your payment.

3. Attend your life-changing session.

Say yes to yourself

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