What’s FACIliTation?

This is a question I receive a lot, and the simple and short answer is:

It’s where I help a group carry out efficient, meaningful work.

The longer answer is that facilitation empowers the magic of collaborative human ingenuity. It’s where I guide a group of 3+ people to reach actionable outcomes, ensuring that everyone in the room gets heard (without endless meetings that lead to more meetings!).

Whether it’s solving complex communication problems within a team, resolving high-stake conflicts, breaking innovation deadlocks, or kick-starting a new project, my job is to help you work through the mess to clarity, direction, and action.

I come in to guide you through broken collaboration, unproductive meetings, lack of solution ownership, and organisational ‘waste’ by curating a solution-oriented, structured, step-by-step process that replaces meetings and helps you get things done — faster and more efficiently.

I save you time, energy, resources, and of course, money.

LaYinka Sanni

What I DO for you

Some of what I do as a facilitator:

  • Designing, planning, guiding, and managing sessions to ensure your team solves its challenge(s).

  • Aligning your team’s goals with the right sort of exercises and appropriate processes; selecting the right tools; and creating an agenda that will help you reach your end goal.

  • Making collaborative work feel frictionless by avoiding the usual pitfalls of teamwork (like team politics and circular discussions) and making sure every person in the room gets heard.

  • Resolving possible conflict by mediating different points of view and maintaining objectivity at all times.

  • Enabling your team to do their best work by allowing them to focus on the challenge at hand instead of worrying about the actual decision-making process.

  • Helping your team articulate key ideas by using fitting facilitation techniques and frameworks.

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