The solO journey has only got you SO far

You’re aware that you need to make changes in your life, but when the highs of the social media motivational videos and quotes wear off, it’s a tough pill to swallow to see not much has changed.

At this point, it’s easy to believe nothing’s going to change, and you give up on yourself. It’s at this point I encourage you to take a deep breath

I’m not giving up on you.

“I don’t feel great about myself and my life.”

I know the highs feel good, and you know the highs have left you feeling deflated when they fizzle out. This is why I help you break the never-ending loop of gaining a short-lived high and not doing much with it in a really simple way: By pairing knowledge with action and while ensuring you’re not alone.

This is where Homecoming Collective Cohort comes in.

Homecoming Collective

In Homecoming Collective Cohort, you’re part of a small group of women journeying together on the beautiful journey home to yourself.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you get a beautiful blend of 6 core masterclasses and growthtasks™ that open your heart and mind, and unmatched support from me and my team to get ah-may-zing shifts in your life and the way you show up. You’re also paired with your very own homecoming companion that you connect with to complete set tasks, which not only ensures you never feel alone on the journey, but you also supercharge your growth.

Bird with wings stretched

From the Homecoming Collective Cohort, You Get To:

  • Increase in self-love
  • Feel at peace within
  • Embrace yourself with compassion
  • Tackle that negative self talk
  • Improve your time management
  • Create and uphold healthy boundaries
  • Give yourself permission to be yourself

Our next cohort starts on:


9 January 2023

Homecoming Collective Cohort Includes:

Heart-opening growthtasks™ to do the transformative inner work with each masterclass

2 monthly group coaching sessions so you journey with clarity and direction

Access to our larger monthly 'live surgery' with our Homecoming Collective community

Unlimited coaching in our dedicated online community space away from the noise of Facebook

A dedicated homecoming companion to supercharge your growth

A non-judgemental sisterhood of fellow homecoming queens who are rooting for you, holding loving space for you, and embracing you every step of the way as they journey alongside you

BONUS: One-month membership in our main, exclusive Homecoming Collective community to keep the momentum going

Have Some Questions on Your Mind?


I’ve got you, my lovely.

I'm a private person and don't feel comfortable sharing my issues with others.

I know this isn’t a question, but it is a concern many women have expressed to me, and I get it.

We hold firm that there’s no requirement to air your business and share intimate details of your life, and it’s not necessary for you to do so in order to get the ah-may-zing transformation that’s possible for you. There’s a misconception that unless you ‘air your dirty laundry’, you won’t be able to improve yourself and your life, and this is entirely untrue.

You can maintain your privacy and benefit from getting to know the root of your issues and dismantling them. Yes, we do have a support space for ladies to share challenges, but it’s not about sharing the nitty gritty of what you’re going through. You can get support and refrain from sharing specifics, like below where no details were given of who/when/where.

“I hope my question is coherent. I recently got majorly triggered by something a respected sister said, where she implied that being preoccupied with yourself (in regards to your emotions/well being) makes a person forget that this life is a test. Implying that suffering/struggling is more virtuous. Spiritual shaming was/is a big trigger for me, and I’ve come a long way from where I was before. But sometimes I feel unsure if I’m self centered. And my issues are not as severe as others. How to know whether you’re balancing self care and other people’s needs correctly?”

How long is this programme for?
Homecoming Collective Cohort spans three months, after which you get to choose if you wish to remain with us in our private community on a monthly basis.
What’re the 6 masterclasses we work through in Homecoming Collective Cohort?
Foundations of Inner Work
Permission to be You
Power of Questions
Myths of Time Management
Setting Healthy Boundaries
Navigating Unmet Emotional Needs
How much time is required to invest in this?
Let me flip this back as a question, my lovely: How much time are you worth?

There’s no set time we recommend except that you make a decision to invest time in yourself in a way that makes sense for you. So if that’s 10 mins daily, that’s fine; if it’s an hour a week, that’s fine, too. Ultimately, set yourself up for success by making it easy, doable, and what you’ll be inclined to. This is your journey, my lovely.

Will this work for me?
If you’re prepared to show up for yourself, have your homecoming companion conversations, allow yourself to be coached with love, it absolutely can.



Homecoming Collective

“Joining the HC and Cohorts was the best decision ever”

I am so grateful I discovered LaYinka and (after some online stalking) stumbled upon her Homecoming Collective (HC). For those who find therapy too big a step or too steep an investment, the HC membership is a great, affordable stepping stone to getting the help you need to start living your best life…


Homecoming Collective

“I’ve come home.”

I don’t know where to start… I think joining the Homecoming Collective has been the single most beneficial thing I have done for myself in my entire life. It has taught me things about myself that I feel I would not have learnt in a lifetime had it not been for the excellent way that this collective does it. I came to this space broken and on the verge of being prescribed anti-depressants and now I feel healed…

Hafsa Ibrahim

Reclaim & Rise

“Where do I even start?”

I joined the homecoming collective towards the end of February and it has been less than 2 months but the change I see in myself is shocking. the way I view the world is completely different. Just like all the other sisters, I had fear of sharing hardships or challenges I went through in a group setting but layinka makes you feel so comfortable and at home…

And your most important question:


How Much Does it cost?

For three months of collective growth and coaching, you have three options:

Join THE next cohort

Embark on the journey home to yourself and honour yourself with a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving.

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