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Disconnected. Undeserving. Broken.

Despite being a woman who views herself like this, you mask this pain with I’m okay, and yet the truth we both know is: You’re not. At all. And you know the wounds are only going to get bigger and deeper, and things can’t carry on this way — right?

If you are a woman who…

You don’t believe you deserve happiness, love, or goodness, including compliments…

You sabotage your success or good things that come your way…

You believe your loved ones would be better off without you…

You lie to yourself that you’re okay when you’re not…

You distract yourself and numb your feelings through binging
(yes, Netflix binging is real)…

You hold yourself hostage with shame and guilt…

You allow your broken parts to overshadow your good…

You project your frustrations of invisibility onto those you love
(and blame them for not seeing/hearing you)…

You overcompensate in being there for others, but not really there for yourself…

I see and feel you, my lovely, and I’m here for you.

Take a deep breath, and picture…

Finally seeing yourself as whole instead of broken.

Living and thriving instead of limping through life.

Taking care of yourself from a place of love rather than hate and loathing.

Welcoming love and joy into your life with open arms,  knowing you deserve them.

Opening yourself up to opportunities and allowing yourself to be seen.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
And you can have that, and more, with The Healing Embrace.

The Healing Embrace is an intimate passage of healing for women like you whose emotional wounds have negatively impacted the way you see, feel, and think about yourself.

At some level: you don’t know how to love yourself and may even struggle to accept love; you feel deeply disconnected from yourself; and you mask your emotional scars with a façade that you’re okay. With this fractured self-perception, you limp your way through life rather than thriving in the way you were created to.

Through The Healing Embrace, you integrate the fragmented parts of yourself, heal emotional scars, and reconnect with the woman beneath the debris of emotionally wounding experiences.

Along with a small group of women, I support and take you on an 8-week passage that is powerfully freeing so you can finally go forward in life as a woman who is whole.

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Hear from the graduates

“The programme has allowed me to get to know myself beyond what I have been through and the ways in which it has affected me. I went from being very insecure and stuck in the past, to having hope in the future and confidence in myself.”
Assitan Diarra

“Healing embrace has been the most rewarding experience I have ever gifted myself. I have finally found the amazing, precious woman that I am inside through bonding with my inner child, healing those wounds and realising I am not broken. I appreciate the woman that I am and know my worth because I am whole and not fragmented.”
Rehema Muhamed

“I now feel so much more optimistic and empowered and looking to the future. This programme has really changed things for me, the way I see myself and taking ownership of my life and choices.”

“All of my old identities disappeared and one new one emerged. Possibility! The possibility to be the best version of my self, the possibility to want and attain better for my self, the possibility to heal and grow. Possibility is my new identity because it makes all dreams, desires, and hopes possible. Working with LaYinka unleashed that side of me I never knew possible and me & my entire family are forever grateful for this miraculous healing work that she does.”

The Healing Embrace isn’t for everyone

I have 3 conditions when it comes to being invited onto the passage:

1. You’re 100% ready to leave the realm of victimhood and commit to the process.

2. You’re open to the beauty and the power of collective healing with other women just like you.

3. You’re not currently in an emotionally damaging environment or situation.


No current slots.

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Isn’t it your time go forward in life as a woman who is more whole?