Foundations of Inner Work Masterclass


Foundations of Inner Work is a core and foundational masterclass for anyone interested in embarking on or deepening their homecoming journey, and forms the basis for all of LaYinka Sanni’s transformational work. It’s highly recommended to take this masterclass before any other LS masterclass.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • What exactly inner work is
  • Benefits and beauty of inner work
  • 5 key building blocks of inner work
  • 4 inner work practices for you to put into action

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You’re interested in any of the other LS masterclasses
  • You’re looking to up-level your inner work awareness
  • You’d like to get started with inner work
  • You’d like to complement your current inner work practice

2 reviews for Foundations of Inner Work Masterclass

  1. M. Francis

    My greatest takeaways?
    – Identifying which of the key building blocks for inner work I need the most work on.
    – Realising that it is ok that I have to keep having to get back on my feet again, and that it is not something that I exclusively do out of all the people in this world.
    – That I was actually practicing courage to get back up again for the 1001th time, & blessed to have been given the will power to, & the means to, as well as the door being opened and the way shown for me to be able to do that (via LaYinka’s Homecoming Collective)
    – That I am not totally open to the process & sense the resistance that I didn’t think that I had.
    – I can now hear the inner child in me louder.

  2. Nilly

    Wow! What a super awesome class to begin with! Having dedicated a portion of the morning to be fully present in this class made such a DIFFERENCE!

    Firstly, thank you so much LaYinka Sanni for being an awesome teacher and guide through unpacking the meanings and components of Inner Work. The Soothingness to your voice is therapeutic in and of itself!

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