Myths of Time Management Masterclass


Myths of Time Management is a masterclass where we debunk 3 common myths about time management and reveal a deep (and uncomfortable) truth that shapes how you use your time.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Top 3 myths about time management
  • The #1 truth about time management
  • How to reclaim yourself to reclaim your time

This masterclass is for you if: 

  • You struggle with managing your time and feel a better ‘system’ will help you
  • You’ve tried planning systems and still don’t honour them
  • You believe you’re a procrastinator who just needs to stop procrastinating
  • You’ve once believed you’re lazy or there’s something holding you back from managing your time efficiently

3 reviews for Myths of Time Management Masterclass

  1. Mariya

    The Myths of Time Management is the third masterclass I’ve listened to and it literally blew my mind. Rarely have I been impressed by powerful realisations to such an extent. To say that I had never thought about time in this way before the class is to state the obvious. The most ironic thing for me is to finally understand how futile my attempts to run away from my problems by burying myself in studies have always been.

    I believe this masterclass can be, inshaAllah, one of the most powerful motivations for me to finally embark on a journey of real, practical change (and not just increased awareness).

  2. Nasra

    Ok so this masterclass was SOMETHING! It was EVERYTHING 🤯
    I stood up and paced around the room multiple times throughout this lesson. There’s so much to take away from it I don’t even know where to start.

    The thing that hit me the most is putting together that the way I spend my time and what I spend it on, reflects on how I view myself.

  3. K. Sylla

    This masterclass wasn’t easy for me to complete. I admit I wanted a shortcut and the easy way out to avoid feeling scared, vulnerable, and most of all failing to achieve the goals that I had for the masterclass. After completing it, though, I decided to apply the Growthtasks for a few days before posting. I’ve been noticing the change in my mindset when it comes to how I show up for myself and my kids. Instead of avoiding work (by being on my phone all the time) and being uptight because i “can’t get anything done with the kids around”, I changed the way I use my time by looking at the little things I can get done when they are around. I found that all this time, I’ve been thinking far before taking small steps to get to the goal and that overwhelms the heck out of me. my small steps have made me pay more attention to my kids and as a result, fulfill their needs better than before and that really takes stress off of me. Asking myself different questions and acknowledging the small wins I’ve made throughout the day have helped me reclaim my time and not feel like my life is over lol.

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