Power of Questions Masterclass


The Power of Questions masterclass helps bring to your awareness and consciousness the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis and in various contexts. Questions are incredibly powerful, and in this masterclass, we dive into the impact of questions you ask yourself, and the importance of becoming conscious of them.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • The impact of questions on your life
  • The link between questions and your emotional state
  • The power of the quality of your questions
  • Difference between empowering questions and disempowering questions
  • Examples of powerful questions for different scenarios and contexts

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You’re curious about what might lie beneath emotional states you often find yourself in
  • You want to increase your level of self awareness

3 reviews for Power of Questions Masterclass

  1. Farida

    The growthtasks were uncomfortable honestly, because I got to identify some disempowering questions that I was asking myself and they hurt, especially seeing the impact they were having on my life. Reading out those sample questions in the initial part of the masterclass and feeling the immediate switch in how I felt when the questions were flipped was just amazing! “Imagine if I get to have this positive flip all the time”- that thought was what kept me going.

    I really love the examples of empowering questions and how there were those for different scenarios, because I was thinking, “how do I start, and what do I even say?” till I reached that part. I have them on standby now on my phone so I can easily see which ones I could ask myself in a particular situation.

  2. Ruba

    I would like to celebrate that I did the ‘power of questions’ masterclass and now I commit to do the work for it! I feel proud of myself and inspired for taking this step.

  3. Nilly

    When I did this masterclass I realised that when I’m not paying attention or checked in with myself my disempowering questions sound like if any why questions. Seemingly harmless at first glance but often have kept me stuck because the answer ( I want and need) requires someone else’s input that I’m not likely to get, even when I have asked them directly.

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