It’s time to become the next best version of yourself, my lovely.

Reclaim & Rise

Embark on a 10-week transformational journey of self recovery.


You’re a woman who’s there for others, and while you seem okay on the outside most of the time, the way you feel and think on the inside is an entirely different story.  

It’s impacting so many areas of your life — your relationships, your connection to your Creator, and the way you feel about and see yourself. It’s impacting your ability to focus, take action, and be emotionally present. It’s exhausting.

You know something needs to change.
And I know you want better for yourself.

I see you, I feel you, and I’ve got you, my lovely.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re giving, almost selfless, and feel like you’ve lost yourself amongst your many roles…
  • You don’t feel like you recognise who you are…
  • You put everyone and everything first, and leave yourself to last
  • You second-guess yourself and your decisions…
  • You beat yourself up and feel like you’re not enough…
  • You’re emotionally disconnected from yourself and others…
  • You worry what people will say and think about you, and just want them to be pleased with you…

…take a deep, long breath.
I know exactly what it’s like to be there.

I want you to imagine…

  • Standing tall and being grounded in your God-given worth.
  • Having inner peace so you finally put yourself first — without guilt.
  • Finally believing in yourself and ending your cycle of self-sabotage.
  • Having stronger and deeper relationships that blossom beautifully.
  • Feeling confident to remove masks of pretence and truly be your authentic self.

This is not just entirely possible, it’s possible for you.
And it’s exactly what I support you through in Reclaim & Rise.

Reclaim & Rise

Reclaim & Rise is an epic journey of self recovery for women like you who are ready to transform from the inside out.

Through the programme, you learn to truly see yourself and reconnect with yourself, shed labels that weren’t yours to wear, and reclaim your personal power so gracefully rise as the next best version of yourself.

Along with other women, I support and take you on a transformative voyage that’s hella insightful, hella deep, and absolutely life-changing.

Your 3-Stage Reclaim & Rise Journey

1  See Yourself

Get Real

Start from base by taking stock of who and where you really are right now

Your 3 Selves

Uncover the truths of the three selves you have and which you show up as most

Self-Worth vs. Self-Esteem

Understand the differences between worth and esteem, and face the level of self-esteem you’re at in your life

2 Reclaim Yourself

Self-Blame vs. Responsibility

Dismantle your habit of self-blame and take steps forward by taking healthy responsibility


See the values running your life and where you acquired them, and release those that don’t serve you.

Limiting Beliefs

Get clear on the limiting beliefs leading to limiting decisions and dismantle them to craft empowering beliefs

3 Rise as Yourself

Your State Cape

Deconstruct disempowering emotional states and use the Rapid Change Formula™ to use whenever you wish

Master Internal Communication

Understand how you represent reality in your mind, and shift it to enable you to make empowering choices

Excelling at External Communication

Learn about the two most overlooked aspects of communication, and how to use them effectively

 Our next cohort starts in:

January/February 2023

LaYinka Sanni Workshop

10 weeks of deeply insightful weekly training that leave you thinking and feeling different every single week

VALUE: £2,500

Weekly growthtasks™ that invite you to the edge of your comfort zone for beautiful growth

VALUE: £500

Five LIVE group coaching sessions to peel layers and debunk your limiting beliefs

VALUE: £1,250

Four heart-moving transformation companion sessions to super-charge your growth

VALUE: £1,000

Live Q&A sessions to unpack any questions you have

VALUE: £2,500

An exclusive accountability sheet so you're focused and on track

VALUE: Priceless

A dedicated digital acknowledgement journal so you can fuel each week with gratitude

VALUE: Priceless

A safe and supportive community space away from the distractions of social media

VALUE: Priceless

BONUS: 3-months’ membership in Homecoming Collective to keep the momentum going

VALUE: £1,225

What other ladies like you have said

“I never thought that I could be where I am today (optimistic and mindful of my self).”


“The programme has helped me get in the driving seat of my life and I am grateful to LaYinka but most of all to The Most High”


“I would recommend this lifechanging course to everyone, I genuinely believe it is a must for all adults.”


“I am living life and not shying away now from my potential.”


“It helped me discover my worth and appreciate life itself! Most of all it unlocked what I had within.”


Your Burning Questions
— answered

I'm worried about the changes I'll experience. What if I become arrogant?

Ahhhhh, I love this question! I know it comes from a deep desire to change and also the fear of what others will think of the evolved version of you. My experience having taken over 100 women through the journey is that you become so grounded in yourself that it’s graceful confidence you unearth in your core not arrogance. The intricate connection to Allah in the journey means you’re humbled.

I’m not based in the UK. How can I sign up?

Yep! The beauty of the online era is the ability to access events where you save on travel/accomodation/childcare costs. We have women from all over the world joining us for the epic journey, and we’d love to have you there, too.


How long will I have access to the content?

You’ll have access to them 6 months.

I'm interested, but it sounds expensive. Why is the cost so high?

I appreciate the realness of this question, and understand it comes from a place where it can be difficult to measure the worth of an investment without experiencing the results. After many years running this programme, and seeing the beautiful results ladies manage to achieve for themselves, the cost becomes not only worth it, but an investment that continues to bring returns for many years to come. The true value of what you gain is priceless.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, ma’am! You have the option to pay in 10 monthly payments.

If it’s not for me, can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of this prpgramme and the work that’s gone into curating it for you, there are no refunds offered.

I hear you asking:
“How much does it cost, LaYinka?”

  • How much is the peace and contentment you seek worth?
  • How much is speaking up for yourself worth?
  • How much is setting a new standard for yourself worth?
  • How much is being the next best version of yourself worth?

  • I’m sure you’d agree it’s priceless.


(or 10 monthly payments of £265)

Reclaim & Rise is for you if…

1. You’re 100% committed to the journey and are leaving excuses at the door.

2. You embrace the power of collective transformation and you’re ready for it.

3. You know that right now is that time for change instead of ‘some day’.

Registration Closed

Registration for Reclaim & Rise is currently closed, BUT you can join the waiting list for the next cohort below.  

If you’re interested in working with me 1:1, you can consider the Rapid Transformation Experience (note: I work with a very limited number of women privately)

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