Ramadan is coming…

And it’s time to press reset.

While there’s a buzz of excitement in the air about Ramadan coming, for you, there’s secret dread. You dread another ‘failed’ Ramadan like in the past where you feel like you didn’t do enough, so you wrote yourself off as a failure in the sight of Allah.

I know the guilt that comes with a long Ramadan to-do list that never gets fully ticked off despite your good intentions. And I know the challenge that comes with trying to juggle it all along with your current responsibilities.

When you think of Ramadan prep courses, you feel overwhelmed because they’re a ‘one size fits all’ that direct you to pack in more acts of worship, which were the very things you struggled with in previous Ramadans. Eish.

I know you want a better Ramadan this year, and you’re wondering:

But how can I when previous ones weren’t that great?!

My lovely, you can have a significantly connected Ramadan where even the tiniest thing that you do matters deeply.

You can have a Ramadan that’s brimming with gratitude and has the absence of overwhelm and shame.

You can have a Ramadan where you’re fulfilled instead of just surviving.

This is exactly what Reset for Ramadan supports you to have.


An inside-out experience to reset for Ramadan

Date & Time 

Saturday 12 March & Sunday 13 March 2022
1-4PM (GMT), both days

(so you can attend in your PJs or with little bubba on your lap)

Along with two epic, live 3-hour interactive sessions with me, you also have a live group Q&A session, two weeks of stellar support before Ramadan starts, a digital growthbook™, and a safe space in an exclusive support group away from social media.

what we cover

Rethink Ramadan
a deep dive into reframing and redefining Ramadan, so you’re thriving whether you’re able to fast and pray or not.

Old Way vs. New Way
an invitation to a new way of preparing for Ramadan, where you plant the seeds you intend to nurture.

Unlock Your Ramadan Potential
dig up the rotted root of what held you back in the past, so your heart will sing (and nope, lovely, it wasn’t external circumstances).

Your Ramadan Journey
map out your amazing Ramadan, where you’re clear where you are now and where you want to go.

This is the ultimate pre-Ramadan incubator
where we press reset on:

past failures

present limiting beliefs


current fears and worries

…and enter the blessed month feeling centered, grounded, and in a beautiful state.

Doesn’t that sound like bliss?

(Yup. Yes it does.)

Your Burning Questions
— answered

How is this different from other Ramadan prep courses?

I love this question! Getting what we need and want from the blessed month starts from the inside, not on simply cramming in more things to do, and so Reset for Ramadan is based on an inside-out approach to preparing for the blessed month that empowers you to connect with Allah in a way that fits you and your circumstances.

I’m not based in the UK. How can I attend?

The beauty of the online era is the ability to access events where you save on travel/accomodation/childcare costs. We have women from all over the world joining us for the epic experience, and we’d love to have you there, too.


The timing doesn’t work for me. Will you be offering this again?

I appreciate that the timing can be a challenge, especially due to differing time zones, and we’ve aimed for a time zone ‘sweet spot’ that isn’t too wild for most countries in the world. Having said that, this will only be run once, but you’re more than welcome to sign up and access the recordings if you really can’t set aside the 3 hours on both days.

How long will I have access to the recordings?

You’ll have access to them until the morning of Eidul-Fitr, inshaAllah.

I'm interested, but it sounds expensive. Why is the cost so high?

I appreciate the realness of this question, and understand it comes from a place where it can be difficult to measure the worth of an investment without experiencing the results. After many years running this offering, and seeing the beautiful results ladies manage to achieve for themselves, the cost becomes not only worth it, but an investment that continues to bring returns long after Ramadan. The true value of what you gain is priceless.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, ma’am! You have the option to pay in 2 monthly payments.

If it’s not for me, can I get a refund?

Due to the live nature of this experience, there are no refunds offered.

What our ladies had to say…

Here’s what ladies who’ve joined in the past had to say about their Ramadan transformation.

About me

Salaam, lovely! I’m LaYinka Sanni, a qualified self-transformation expert who’s been supporting women to transform their lives from the inside out for over 5 years.

After many years of feeling mentally and spiritually unprepared before Ramadan and feeling like a failure (and bawling my eyes out on Eidul Fitr due to shame and guilt), I shifted my Ramadan prep to start from within, and this is what I’ll be empowering you to do, too.


Reset for your Ramadan



✔ a 6-hour live, interactive experience
✔ live 2-hour group Q&A session
✔ two weeks of stellar support to be super ready right before the blessed month
✔ a digital growthbook™
✔ a safe space in an exclusive support group
Registration is now closed.

Registration ends on 7 March 2022.



✔ a 6-hour live, interactive experience
✔ live 2-hour group Q&A session
✔ two weeks of stellar support to be super ready right before the blessed month
✔ a digital growthbook™
✔ safe space in exclusive support group
✔ 3-months' membership in Homecoming Collective (this is next level levelling up!)
Registration is now closed.

Registration ends on 7 March 2022.

It’s time to reset.

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