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Dynamic Speaker on Emotional Wellbeing, Transformational Change, and Personal Growth

LaYinka is a transformation coach and change facilitator who supports individuals and teams to transform from the inside out. Based in London, UK, she is familiar with the journey from feeling buried beneath her roles and responsibilities, to giving herself permission to fulfil her greatest potential, and she empowers others to do the same.

If we could describe LaYinka’s impact in two words, they would be deep and transformative. LaYinka moves her audience to recognise that the change they seek on the outside lies on who and how they are on the inside. 

LaYinka is a heart-centered and sought-after speaker whose relatable style and passion leaves her audience feeling empowered and inspired to make positive changes. Through life-changing workshops and powerful keynote speeches she delivers, LaYinka motivates her audience to take active steps to be the next best version of themselves.

Speaking topics

LaYinka is a dynamic speaker on a vast range of topics about emotional wellbeing, transformational change, and personal growth. Bringing personal experiences as well as 12+ years of teaching and coaching into a room, she cultivates interactive experiences that engage the audience.

Some of her popular keynotes and workshops, which you can request for her to tailor to your organisation’s needs.

  • The Myths and Challenges with Choice
  • Transforming Limiting Beliefs
  • The Power of Internal Communication
  • Thriving, Whatever the Season
LaYinka speaking on stage with microphone

3 Reasons to BoOk LaYinkA


She’s relatable

LaYinka speaks with realness because she’s been there and she knows the struggles of her audience.


She’s heart-centered

Instead of talking down to her audience, LaYinka speaks as if she’s sat beside them and speaks with heart.


She’s practical

LaYinka’s mission is to move her audience to positive change, and she offers practical tools and solutions for them to be able to do so.

BoOk LaYinkA

If you’re looking for a deeply passionate and multi-faceted woman to move your audience to inspired action, you’ve found her.

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