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These are success stories from women who’ve taken bold, brave, and courageous steps towards change for themselves and their families. 




It’s just changed my life. It’s changed my relationships, and it changes your relationships because it changes you.

Yasmina, September 2020

I am proud to say, I now feel like a woman of potential rather than a woman who struggles to see herself as whole!

The course has taught me self-compassion, a greater insight into my emotions and how to practically deal with my emotions in my day to day life. Finally, I see this programme as an answer from Allah of my dua and as a support from Allah saying I see you and I hear you! » Read More

Ruba Begum, November 2020

Being part of this experience is a decision I am truly blessed to have made.

The programme has allowed me to get to know myself beyond what I have been through and the ways in which it has affected me. I went from being very insecure and stuck in the past, to having hope in the future and confidence in myself. I thank LaYinka for her kindness and for accompanying me through this process. You won’t regret trusting her! » Read More

Assitan Diarra, November 2020

This programme has been the most rewarding experience I have ever gifted myself.

I have finally found the amazing, precious woman that I am inside through bonding with my inner child, healing those wounds and realising I am not broken. I appreciate the woman that I am and know my worth because I am whole and not fragmented. Thank you LaYinka for enabling me to find inner queen.

Rehema Muhamed, November 2020

You need to allow yourself to do it, you deserve to do it.

Everything that Allah has created me to be, I’m about to walk that path.

Ameenah, August 2020

This programme has really changed things for me, the way I see myself and taking ownership of my life and choices.

When I started the course I was at a very low point in my life, but by going through the different stages of the six week programme, I now feel so much more optimistic and empowered and looking to the future. Dealing with my emotional wounds as recommended by LaYinka was definitely the right place for me to start. » Read More

Rahma Mohammed, November 2020

This whole experience was key to being able to move into a different gear. This was the catalyst that I needed to spur me forward.

For anyone else who is at that place in their journey to evolve, I would say to them that unresolved trauma has unimaginable ripple effects. The behaviours and habits that you seek to change are rooted somewhere in your past, you have to be willing to go back and look at that, in order to really change them. LaYinka provides a perfect safe space for that and her commitment to your self-development is real and from a place of love.

Aminah, November 2020

If you are working on yourself, and need that final push to get where you choose to be internally, THIS IS IT!

I am extremely grateful for the work she does because it has brought me to myself after so long. It is through the RTE that I was able to work through my issues and feel emotionally aligned with who I am meant to be and have aspired to be. I am eternally grateful to LaYinka. » Read More

Samiha, November 2020

This is a way of choosing yourself.

This programme is amazing. It’s changed my life.

Mariam A., August 2020


Now, I’m not looking at people’s validation. I know my worth, I know what I am today.

June 2020

I cannot even begin how amazing it feels to be living without having shame strapped to my back.

I never knew that it was possible, that it was possible for me, to live without shame. And I finally feel like the me I was meant to be. No, I have not been lit by a fire… I AM the fire!

Tumkeen, September 2020

I look forward to my Saturday mornings with the Healing Embrace ladies…

And listening to everyones shares. It’s been so comforting to be able to share this space with ladies who are courageous enough to be vulnerable and share the parts of yourselves that were once unreachable. And how LaYinka has guided us through this process has been absolutely amazing.

Aminah, September 2020

I’m not just surviving, but living…

I feel like I’m a newborn, ready to take on the world. Respecting and honouring myself and not feeling guilty for putting myself first. Loving myself is so much fun now. It was such a battle and war loving myself in the past. I’m looking forward to this new journey ahead where I’m not just surviving, but living and doing it alive, awake and alert. And feeling every beautiful moment. You really have a gift, LaYinka, and I mean it. Please continue to do the work that you do. You are helping so many women to not only heal, but to really, really learn to LIVE. 

Mona, September 2020

Taking this programme — no brainer. Best decision.

I’ve learned to course-correct my life. I’m not afraid to face anything anymore.

May 2020

Wished I found LaYinka few years ago…

Sister LaYinka Sanni and her amazing team to me are gift from Allah SWT.

When I first saw sister LaYinka in person she truly blew my mind away… because the way she views people like myself… people who have been through tragedies and tests in life. She said, “We are not victims but we are survivors, and we can pick ourselves up going forward in fields of us coming out winners.” » Read More

Khadijah, March 2020

It’s human necessity. It’s life skills.

This should be taught in school. This would save generations to come.

February 2020

From beginning to end, this course had me stepping out of this negative comfort zone I was in, to a place that makes me see things from a clearer lens.

I never thought that I could be where I am today (optimistic and mindful of my self). I made many duas to Allah to be better in different ways and joining this course was Allah accepting my duas. I couldn’t ask for a better program, Wallahi. » Read More

Khadijah, December 2019


After having done this programme, motivation is inside my heart, and so I can give that to someone else… I say, “I did it girl, you can do it too”. » Read More

February 2020

LaYinka sure is a Mind Doctor.

Investing in myself and working with LaYinka has been the best decision I have ever made. Every session has been a breakthrough for me with a lot of clarity and focus. My emaan is also on a whole new level, mashaALLAH. LaYinka is amazing at what she does. I have seen and felt a mindset change in me and a lot of shifts in my relationships, business and spirituality that I am truly grateful for. Truly happy and full of gratitude, thanks to this amazing woman. » Read More

Madeeha, November 2019

My experience has been incredible

My experience has been incredible, every single time I had a session, I left with a problem completely dissolved away, so easy. Just like that. LaYinka has taken me out of my unhappy place and helped me to step into a whole new beautiful mindset, a new perspective on everything! It’s not only changing for me but also for my relationships with my children, spouse and close family. Truly life changing! » Read More

Umm Eesa, November 2019

Pure golden life skills. This woman and her programs are gold. I say she teaches you how to be a human being.

When I started, I was shoving problems under the carpet. Had lost confidence in my socialskills and was procrastinating to the extent that it meant I traveled across the globe and had booked my hotel the wrong date. I believe every woman would benefit.. » Read More

Dhurata Haxhiislami, November 2019

I decided to reach out to LaYinka…

I decided to reach out to LaYinka when I knew something was terribly wrong with me but unfortunately I wasn’t able to identify it. When I first spoke to her, I knew my decision was right cause she listened! Without judgements, without interrupting me. She listened and she made me question myself. For me, I personally like the way she brings answers from the clients! its like soul searching and all the answers lie with in us! » Read More

Talath, October 2019

“In just two months of intensive coaching with her, I’m much more productive, purposeful and energised about life.”

Kaltun Karani, August 2017

LaYinka made what seemed impossible POSSIBLE!

Before, I would find myself frustrated and overwhelmed unable to channel those feelings and would end up falling and staying down! I allowed negativity to consume me and it impacted myself and those closest to me. The course enabled me to recognise those feelings to dissect and understand them. It helped me discover my worth and appreciate life itself! Most of all it unlocked what I had within… » Read More

A, September 2019

I was all over the place

I was confused and overwhelmed. I was feeling lost. LaYinka was my coach, friend and private guide, alhamdulillah. She gave me the confidence that I lacked before. Alhamdulillah I am now feeling great. A better version of my previous self. I am now more in tune with my purpose in this world. » Read More

Washeelah, September 2019

I benefitted immeasurably…

I have worked with and been supported by LaYinka a number of times over the last three to four years. I reached out to her again last summer at a juncture in my life when I had come out of a period of great tests and challenges and was ready to embark on a new phase recovery, healing and growth. Although I knew I felt ready I felt confused as to where and how to start or what, in fact, I wanted or needed. I was ready to set out but didn’t even have a clear vision of where I was going… » Read More

SF, October 2019

I can now say I am a transformed person! I feel a lot happier, healthier and full of energy now!

Thank you LaYinka for helping me release my inner powers. You were truly the gift from God! Alhamdhulillah. » Read More

Surraya, September 2019

This lady right here is gold

I have always come out of Ramadan feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied with my performance until I took the Evolve during Ramadan course with LaYinka. The course allowed me to review my inner thoughts and dialogue leading to changing my mindset. Her teaching style and her connection with her clients is amazing. She helps transform your mind to see beyond your thoughts, to really connect to the inner beauty within you… » Read More

Meru Hussain, September 2019

“You helped me gain back my whole concept of existence which I was starting to question…”

Fatima Alauddin, December 2017

I judged my previous performances…

I judged my previous performances during Ramadhan on my to do lists and whenever I didn’t achieve all I planned, I got demotivated. However, everything came into focus when I joined LaYinka in her Pre- Ramadhan coaching course; Evolve During Ramadhan. She opened a whole new possibilities for me whereby I reclaimed my sanity and flexibility and I was able to embrace Ramadhan wholeheartedly… » Read More

Rahee Odus, September 2019

I had vowed never to drive a car but now I actually love driving.

I have become a new person who is growing and evolving everyday. Am grateful for what she has taught me. » Read More

Anisa M., July 2019

Working with this lovely specimen has widened my lens immensely of how I see the world, my thoughts sharpened, my ideas expanded, she was and still is a gift from Allaah.

Her wisdom and quotes are now etched in my mind and soul as LaYinka Lines! » Read More

Iffat Anwar, June 2019

“[There were] things I used to think I couldn’t do and now seem very doable and possible, and I look forward to doing them….”

Aisha M., November 2017

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