The No.1 Reason You’re not Consistent

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I know it sucks to feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of inconsistency.

Every week, you set yourself goals and make a promise that you’ll commit. And you do commit — for one week. Then the next week, you miss a day, you get frustrated, give up, and conclude that you’re simply inconsistent.

I’ve had countless women share this exact struggle to be consistent, and usually, it comes from a place of defeat and at a time where they just want to give up.

What does consistency mean to you?

As with any issue we face in our personal development, we find the solution when we examine the root; and at the root of your consistency is how you’re defining what it means to be consistent.

One common mistake people make when it comes to defining consistency is equating it with frequency. Whether you want to be consistent in going to the gym, or journaling, or reading the Qur’an (for my Muslim folk), it doesn’t mean you have to do it every single day.  

Rethinking consistency and reassessing your expectations provides you with a blueprint to success. Ask yourself: What does consistency mean to you? Is the goal to pick up small habits that can build up overtime? Or is it to cram everything into a short period of time, set yourself up for failure, and just give up?

Redefining consistency 

Let’s say you want to be consistent in going to the gym. If you’ve had little to no physical activity recently, it’s going to be challenging to switch this up overnight. You’re going to be motivated and excited to begin with, but the novelty will wear off and you’ll start to lose momentum.

The solution?

Redefine what consistency looks like for you in this context. Decide for yourself that being consistent doesn’t have to be everyday, it can be three days a week, or two days a week, or even one day a week. The point is you’ll be doing this action consistently every single week. The beauty that comes with this is that you’re more likely to meet your criteria of consistency. Through this redefinition, you’ll have more wins and that’ll have a domino effect on your life and you’ll want to do more and more.


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