Release emotional baggage and rise as the newest you

Reclaim & Rise

Dawn of a New You is a deep-dive, one-day, in-person workshop where you’ll get to really meet yourself, release emotional baggage weighing you down, and embrace yourself in the most beautiful way.

 Deep, transformative, and life-changing

What’s one word you’d use to describe the current you?

lost tired frustrated stuck stressed anxious scared loving giving caring strong disconnected buried struggling striving

Take a moment to sit with that, my lovely.
Feeling lost, stressed, stuck, and disconnected from yourself takes its toll, even if it seems no one else seems to know. It’s been weighing you down, holding you back, and seeping into your relationship with Allah.

It’s that last part that hurts the most…

… and it’s that part that’s the fuel for my drive to support you to release the baggage and take a bold and beautiful step towards the next best version of yourself.

Here’s a taste of what to expect in just one day

Tap into who you are and what makes you you

Empty stuck emotions from past experiences

Settle deeply into your heart with acceptance

Awaken your inner cheerleader

As a result, you’ll release:


Nonsense stories

Emotional baggage

False beliefs about yourself

And you’ll emerge feeling:



More connected to yourself and your Lord

Grounded and ready to beautifully show up in the current chapter in your life


I am now a woman at peace and can find her peace by her own all the time.


I have become a new person who is growing and evolving everyday.


One of the best decisions you will make to evolve in your life.

Your Dawn of a New You ticket is a step towards transformation and gives you access to:

LaYinka Sanni Workshop

Powerful presentations designed to touch you and change the way you think and feel

VALUE: £250

Transformational growthtasks™ that help you make real shifts and immediately move a step closer to being a newer woman

VALUE: £500

A safe and intimate setting where you feel comfortable to face your home truths and know you’re supported every step of the way

VALUE: Priceless

A Q&A segment to ask burning questions and get answers from yours truly

VALUE: Priceless

Print growthbook™ to capture your reflections, insights, takeaways, and transformation

VALUE: Priceless

Live hot-seat coaching in true LaYinka style — either as a participant or an audience member, it’s set to be unbelievably eye-opening (and goosebump inducing!)


An exclusive dinner and private Q&A session at Maedah Grill


Want to level up? Grab a VIP ticket to have an intimate dinner and Q&A session with me at Maedah Grill.

Reclaim & Rise

Live with LaYinka on Monday 29 August (bank holiday Monday)
11am to 5pm
Bow, London, E3 (full address sent to ticket holders)






Powerful and inspiring. This work she is doing is amazing and so powerful.

About LaYinka

LaYinka Sanni Workshop

Salaam, my lovely! 👋🏾

I’m LaYinka, and I’m your resident qualified self-transformation coach.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve supported hundreds of women to come home to themselves and rise as the next best version of themselves.

I’m a truth and transformation excavator trained at master level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and qualified in Rapid Transformation Therapy; and I’m a woman who’s been on her own homecoming journey, and remains committed to continuing to do so.

When I say I know what it’s like to be disconnected from yourself and to dislike the woman in your reflection… gurrrrrrl, do I know.

This is why I’d love to support you to the deep transformative work that will change your life.

Your Burning Questions — answered

I'm worried about the changes I'll experience. What if I become arrogant?

Ahhhhh, I love this question! I know it comes from a deep desire to change and also the fear of what others will think of the evolved version of you. My experience having taken over 100 women through the journey is that you become so grounded in yourself that it’s graceful confidence you unearth in your core not arrogance. The intricate connection to Allah in the journey means you’re humbled.

Will there be childcare facilities available?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any childcare facilities available at the event, and we encourage you to make childcare arrangements if you’d like to attend, so you can fully focus on yourself and your transformation.

I'm not based in London. Are there online options available?

Due to the interactive nature of the event, Dawn of a New You is an in-person experience only. If you’d like to invite LaYinka to run this workshop in your locality, feel free to complete the speaking booking form.

I'm interested, but it sounds expensive. Why is the cost so high?

I appreciate the realness of this question, and understand it comes from a place where it can be difficult to measure the worth of an investment without experiencing the results. After many years running this programme, and seeing the beautiful results ladies manage to achieve for themselves, the cost becomes not only worth it, but an investment that continues to bring returns for many years to come. The true value of what you gain is priceless.

If it’s not for me, can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the event and the work that’s gone into curating it for you, there are no refunds offered.

Early bird pricing ends in